How was Tradumei born?

How Tradumei was born was a kind of fluke. In 2015, we, Jesús and I, decided to start the Degree in Translation and Interpretation at the International University of Valencia (VIU). At that time, we hadn’t meet yet.

At the beginning

During the first year of that Degree, we both were two strangers, specialists in different fields of knowledge. Jesús, a computer engineer and Japanese teacher decided to start a new adventure by professionalizing his language and technological skills. On the other hand, I, a French philologist and French and Spanish language teacher, also had the need to give a boost to my career in relation to languages.

By pure chance, it happened that we formed a work group during the first year of the degree, with other colleagues. From that moment on, we knew that we were a great working tandem:  we were complementary with each other very well.

Thanks to that, we faced all the challenges presented by the subjects of the degree (each one in our field). And that was a clear evidence that we could form a very good working tandem.

First steps

Four years later, and after celebrating our graduation in Valencia, we created this blog, among other professional projects, such as the website, for example.

This blog will show, on the one hand, the adventures that we are living in these beginnings as freelance professionals. On the other hand, it will also serve us to share tips, tutorials, recommendations and any links that we think you might find interesting if you are also involved in the world of translation.

We hope that you will join us in this adventure we are starting. We also invite you to share in comments any recommendation, advice or question that may be useful for us or any other reader

And that’s the story on how Tradumei was born.